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Project of meat distribution in first days and the last quarter of Ramadan in 2010.

Project of meat distribution in first days and the last quarter of Ramadan in 2010.

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In an extremely difficult financial conditions because of the world economic crisis and traces of recent developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina which are still visible among Bosnian cities and villages, especially with regard to employment where the percentage of unemployment rate reaches 40% in such circumstances living standards are at the very bottom. Weeks and months can pass and many families are unable to afford a quality meal, especially in Ramadan.

Therefore, among humane and honorable activities initiated by the Office of the Muslim World league in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Princess Al-Jawhara Cultural Centre in Bugojno is the meat distribution to the poor and socially vulnerable population in Bugojno and surrounding villages. The month of Ramadan is an excellent opportunity in Islam for solidarity among Muslims. It’s the month of collective happiness – happiness for all of those in which Islamic spirituality is being reflected and a sense of humanity.

Care for the socially vulnerable population is something that Kingdom of Solidarity stands for through its internal and external institutions – her noble and humane gesture.

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