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On May 18, 2017, in the celebration of ‘Days of Ajvatovica – the 507th anniversary’ the translation of the Holy Quran by Besim Korkut has been promoted at the Princess Al-Jawhara Cultural Center in Bugojno. Besim Korkut has worked on this translation for 20 years. Mr. Nusret Abdibegović, Hasan Atli, and Dr. Ahmed Adilović have participated in a public discussion. Effendi Vehid Arnaut has been the moderator of the discussion.

Effendi Nusret Abdibegović, Head of the Religious Affairs at the Riyasat of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has stated that Islamic Community is promoting this project by the distribution of free copies of the Holy Quran.

Effendi Abdibegović said: ‘The Holy Quran is the Word of Allah, the Word of the Truth. These times we are living in require an absolute and eternal truth, and that is a guidance of Quran. This is an opportunity for believers to read Quran both in Bosnian and Arabic, in the month of Ramadan, and therefore gain some insight and guidance. With the motto ‘My gift is Quran’, this translation of the Holy Quran has been printed in 50000 copies. It has been done in cooperation with Turkish Diyanet and Foundation Department.

This is the gift for the upcoming month of Ramadan. We believe that Quran as a guidance, Quran as a truth, can shed some light on humanity. At this moment, it can be considered as a help in one man path towards self-awareness. The Holy month of Ramadan is the month in which the Holy Quran was revealed. It is not by chance that Allah (s.w.t.) sent his message in the month of Ramadan, because people were ready to receive the message. This is a relation in which the Word of Allah comes from above and man uses it as a guidance in everyday life. What we have been discussing so far has been related to the translation of Quran, the fact that cognition is not exclusive, it is open to all men. Quran addresses all men. Quran addresses believers, people, and nations. Quran provides guidance on real or possible threats and sanctions in accordance with ethics. Therefore the month of Ramadan is needed to observe Quran, so we want this to be a gift for all people’.

Dr. Ahmed Adilović, Mufti of Travnik, said: ‘It is with great pleasure that I speak about‘ Days of Ajvatovica’. This year’s programme content is versatile. Some of the events will

take place in different parts of the Travnik Mufti territory. One of those events is the promotion of late Besim Korkut’s translation of Quran. I strongly believe that this is one of the best Quran translations, with this in mind I can conclude that Besim Korkut has done an amazing job. He was one of those translators who paid a lot of attention to style itself. His translation reflects sheer beauty. There are translations of the Quran as well as any other translations that are focused on literality and conciseness, on the other hand far less are focused on style. He did focus on it, for this reason reading his translation is joyful and fruitful’.

Mr. Hasan Atli, Counselor for Religious Affairs at the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Bosnia and Herzegovina, has stated that the first phase of the joint project includes 50.000 printed copies of Quran translated into Bosnian.

Mr. Atli also said: This is the project by Diyanet Foundation with the motto ‘My gift is Quran’. Its goal is printing and distribution of the free copies to all Bosniaks in Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo, and Albania.

20.000 free copies will be distributed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, during the month of Ramadan Mushafs will be distributed to Bosniaks who live in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Sandžak, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Albania.

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