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Learning courses for the year 2009

Learning courses for the year 2009 1

The Arabic and Tajweed courses in 2009

Wednesday, 04 May 2016 00:00

This course includes learning Arabic letters through Sufara, but this is an old textbook for learning Arabic letters in a quickest way, and on the basis of pronunciation of Arabic letters in Bosnian language.

Then, writing and speaking are some of the main things related to the Arabic language.

Lastly, they started reading- learning the Quran and Tajweed's rules through lessons with muallims, and hearing the tape.

The English language courses

Since, the English language is one of the main languages nowadays, called an „International Language“ so everyone needs to study it. It doesn't mean that English is studied by those who are travelling abroad, but also people who aren't travelling abroad are studying the English language.

This language is necessary for students as well as for those who are working in different companies and institutions.

Because of those reasons the Cultural Center of Princess Al-Jawhara has organized the English language course as it follows:

The first group started attending the lessons on 26th of December in 2005 and the lessons have been held until the 1st of June in 2009.

The students that attend those classes are people who are working in government institutions, hospitals, banks, schools as well as the ordinary people.

This course consists of three grades. The first one is for beginners, the second and the third are for those who have been studying English before, so the students were able to pass the grade as they improve their English.

So the teacher would improve themselves as well as. 

Information Techonology course (IT course)

There is no doubt that computer skills are necessary for everyone nowadays. If you are looking for a job the computer skills are required. Students who are using the computer are able to find a lot of helpful things for their studying. The computer is very helpful, especially for someone who is doing some kind of research. According to these reasons, the Cultural Center of Princess Al-Jawhara decided to make it easier for citizens to gain some knowledge about it.

The Information Technology courses are organized in the following order:

The course includes four grades (four different grades) while in every grade they are stuying a different chapter. The course is organized by importance: Windows XP, then writing the program Word 2003, then budget and charts in Excel, and also Power Point 2003 as well as the Internet Explorer.

Tailoring and sewing course 

The Cultural Center of Princess Al-Jawhara and bint Ibrahim Alu-Ibrahim takes care about the value of arts and culture to society in Bugojno, especially in those tough times, which means the post-war period. There are a lot families of war martyrs, a lot of wives without their husbands, who are living in this tough time, such as girls who are dreaming about a better future and they would like to help their families.

So, this course is organized in the Cultural Center of Princess Al-Jawhara, for this purpose to help those women and also to express its concern about this situation and in some way to help in such situation.

When this course has made an official one, a great number of women show their interest in this course.

Tailoring and sewing course has its continuity and until now the three courses have completed while each course includes two grades and each grade has been lasting for two months. There aren't any requirement needed for this course if someone wants to enroll.

There also aren't any differences including, the race, gender, nationality or religion.

Doors are open to all without exceptions.

The German language course

The German language course has organized at the end of 2009. With this course the Center wanted to help to those who wants to make a contact with their relatives in Germany and Austria. Bosnians went in those two countries as refugees during the war time. Bosnians are also in some way connected with German culture because it is a neighboring country.

The course has started immediately, with the first and the second grade as well, and the number of students was around 115.

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